They wear agnès b., they tell us about it.

Bruno, 65, hairdresser. Cours Honoré d'Estienne d'Orves, Marseille. 

What are you wearing today?

A linen shirt. I like to unbutton the cuffs. For a long time, I had a children's hairdressing salon on rue Vavin, in Paris. White agnès b. shirts were part of my uniform, along with a denim jacket and a pair of loafers. I had nine employees and I didn't want them to look like hairdressers, so twice a year I went to the agnès b boutique on rue Saint-Sulpice to pick up their outfits. Sometimes I'd run into Agnès, who'd help me choose. I found them chic and comfortable for work.

Have you been wearing shoes without socks since you moved to Marseille?

Summer and winter alike, I've always appreciated loafers without socks. I moved in Marseille 3 years ago and when it's hot, espadrilles are a bit of an extension of this idea.