Agnès teams up with K-Way

Agnès teams up with K-Way

The men's collection director tells us about the genesis of the project and its inspirations.

A month ago, agnès b. unveiled a brand-new collaboration with K-Way, featuring four models, three for adults and one for children. Benoit Daveau, Director of Men's Collections, worked alongside Agnès on this collaboration. He tells us about the genesis of the project and its inspirations.

What does K-Way mean to Agnès b.?
When the idea of a collaboration with K-Way came up, Agnès immediately wrote the phrase, because parents trust K-Way. K-Way raincoats are a staple in the French wardrobe, a staple that everyone knows, has had and has worn. The product is simple, practical, functional and long-lasting. These are also values that agnès b. has upheld since its inception, so the common ground was easy to find. 

How did you work around the inspirations? 
When it came to K-Way, Agnès immediately thought of family. She wanted there to be a piece for everyone. That's why we chose the Eiffel long parka, which Agnès wanted to be unisex, in black, with a discreet logo. Then it was impossible not to revisit the Claude model, their most iconic model, short with its hood, which we developed in the house's emblematic prints: the famous 60/60 stripe and the "broken" polka dot. The children's model, also a Claude, was declined with stars, another print that has always visited Agnès' collections.

Black for children clothes is not that common...
Yes Agnès was one of the first to do back in the late 1970s, going against the grain of the layette colors offered in children's collections.

Where can you find the collaboration garments ? 
The K-Way collaborations are available in our entire network of boutiques in France and on our website.