Agnès B Spirit

Interviews 22 February 2023

"b. Spirit, agnès b.'s soul"

Agnès explains here how the desire to launch her own media has always been with her, and why she is now going forward with the idea.

Why a media?

I wanted us to get to know each other better. The press is very tied to advertisers, that's how it is. And since I've never done any advertising... I like to have a direct relationship with people in general. I'm interested in making the spirit of agnès b. tangible. That's why the website is called b. Spirit. agnès b. is a way of being, an attitude, choices, stories... I want to tell all of that. Everything that made us, there were incredible moments, but also the present of agnès b. And have the opportunity to show what happens backstage, introduce those who make the brand and show how we work.

Why 'b. Spirit'?

One day I came across a "Spirit" graffiti in Italy. I liked it a lot, I took a picture of it (the one alongside this text) and I made a t-shirt of it. I also liked the symbolism, I like the idea of soul. Everyone has his own spirit, the spirit is very beautiful.

Why this direct link?

We’ve had a wonderful clientele since the very beginning, I can't believe it and I thank all these customers as soon as I can. They are loyal to us and we to them. It's very moving. There is a lot of affection in agnès b. and there will also be in b. Spirit.


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