Agnès B Spirit

Arts Side 10 November 2023

Dennis Morris at galerie du Jour

The Colored Black exhibition takes up residence in Paris.

Dennis Morris has been photographing for over 60 years. Ever since he was 8 years old and left Jamaica to follow his mother to London in the 1960s (like many Commonwealth nationals), he has never left home without his camera. Morris spent his life documenting what was around him and what he loved, including bands such as Bob Marley and Sex Pistols. He also captured the energy and daily life of the Jamaican community, including the soundsystems that pulsated through the English capital.

The Colored Black exhibition, presented in April 2023 at Kyotographie, is now on show in Paris at galerie du Jour until January 14. Colored Black brings together a selection of his shots of London's black and especially Caribbean community, whose energy is powerfully conveyed in these selected pieces.



From November 3, 2023 to January 14, 2024.
Galerie du Jour agnès b.
Place Jean-Michel Basquiat, Paris 13e


© 1 and 5 Dennis Morris / Exhibition views by Rebecca Fanuele for agnès b. / Agnès and Dennis Morris in London on November 10, 2023