Agnès B Spirit

News 24 November 2023

A 48 hours-trip in London

Agnès made an express trip to the English capital.

Agnès was keen to see the Cardigan exhibition in London before it ended. Over two busy days, she wandered around Bricklane, with a stop at Rough Trade, the temple of music. Before cocktails in the Floral Street boutique, Agnès met local journalists over a cup of tea. She met up with old English friends, such as the painter Simon English and the duo Gilbert & George, whom she adores. She had a chance to catch up photographer Dennis Morris, whose work is currently exhibiting at Galerie du Jour. She also chatted with Jimmy King, David Bowie's former assistant and friend, whom Agnès has dressed for concerts and on the town. As usual, Agnès captured the walls along the way.


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