agnès b. in tandem with Café du Cycliste

23 may 2023

© agnes b.

agnès b. and Café du Cycliste are combining their expertise in a ground-breaking collaboration in which the two fashion houses are making a strong statement about their shared values: freedom, authenticity, sharing, environmental protection and the priority given to products made in France or Europe.

This capsule collection, announced for summer 2023, includes outdoor clothing for everyday wear, inspired by the worlds of cycling and agnès b. These include two models of zipped cardigans, a tank top and a unisex t-shirt.

Technical clothing (shorts and jerseys) in the colours of one of Agnès' photographs is also available for cyclists. The photograph, taken with a Harinezumi in a TGV, illustrates the notion of speed that is characteristic of this sport.

And for cycling fans, there's a range of accessories, including a water bottle and a cap.

All agnès b. and Café du Cycliste products are made in France or Europe by suppliers who have been long-standing partners of the two brands.

They will be on sale in agnès b. boutiques around the world and in Café du Cycliste points of sale, as well as on our respective websites from 24 May 2023.