La Fab.

La Fab.

As a fashion designer, patron of the arts and collector, agnès b. has for many years supported artistic creation in all its forms, solidarity and the environment. The aim of ‘La Fab’, the headquarters of the ‘Agnès Troublé dite agnès b.’ endowment fund, is to bring all these initiatives together under one roof. It is a unique place, open to the public since February 2020, located on the Place Jean-Michel Basquiat, in the 13th arrondissement of Paris.

The agnès b. art collection

La Fab. presents the agnès b. collection in the form of themed exhibitions. Passionate about art, Agnès has been collecting works for years. Her personal collection now numbers over 5,000 pieces: photographs, drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations, sound, videos, etc.

La Galerie du Jour

La Galerie du Jour, which opened in 1984, has now moved into La Fab.! It's an art gallery, a house where everything is for sale: paintings, sculptures, photographs, but also furniture (in partnership with Knoll).

I wanted to make a gallery to show what I love,’ explains agnès b. ’We say a gallery, but we could say a place to show the other side of things, to show paintings, sculptures and photographs, and at the same time try to invent new ways of circulating images, to make them accessible to everyone.

La Librairie du Jour

La Fab. includes La Librairie du Jour. This art bookshop offers exclusive access to all the publications produced by Galerie du Jour, as well as a selection of literary and artistic works, and a range of merchandising related to the exhibitions.

The social and solidarity actions of the endowment fund

La Fab. will be highlighting the social and solidarity initiatives supported by the agnès b. endowment fund, as well as Agnès' environmental initiatives through the Tara Océan Foundation.

Le point d'ironie

La Fab. distributes Point d'ironie, a periodical created by Agnès, Christian Boltanski and Hans Ulrich Obrist in 1997, free of charge.

At present...

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La Fab. in dates


Agnès and Jean-René de Fleurieu open ‘la galerie du jour’, a stone's throw from the first agnès b. boutique on rue du jour, opened in 1975, and close to the famous ‘trou des Halles’. On the same site, the Christian Bourgois bookshop was created, where all the books were laid flat on a single table. This table, which belonged to the former residents of Jambons Français, will be installed at the heart of the bookshop du jour at La Fab.


Gallery owner Jean Fournier called Agnès and said, ‘Shouldn't you take over my gallery? They had been friends since Agnès had done her first internship in his gallery on avenue Kléber at the age of 17. The gallery moved to rue Quincampoix.


The first "Point d'ironie" was released for the 1997 Cannes Film Festival. A veritable manifesto for independent cinema, it was designed by Jonas Mekas, who died in 2019. Free, distributed worldwide and produced by Agnès personnellement, Point d'ironie now has over 60 issues.


Creation of the ‘Agnès Troublé dite agnès b.’ endowment fund following the 2008-776 law of 4 August 2008 on the modernisation of the economy, with the aim of structuring the patronage, partnership and philanthropy initiatives that she has personally supported for almost 30 years. It is one of the first endowment funds created in France.


In keeping with its desire to break new ground, and after an initial meeting with Jérôme Coumet, the mayor of the 13th arrondissement, agnès b. decided to set up its new space, La Fab. in Place Jean-Michel Basquiat. La Fab. covers an area of 1,400 m2, in a new building of social housing designed by SOA Architectes. The building is located in a district that is experiencing a cultural and architectural boom.


The gallery and bookshop du jour are becoming nomadic, offering a programme of events ‘outside the walls’ for the duration of La Fab. In this context, two exhibitions focusing on the artists Carolyn Carlson and Elizabeth Daynes are being organised at the agnès b. headquarters on rue Dieu in Paris, as is the exhibition ‘Modernités des passions, un regard des étudiants de l'ENSP sur la photographie dans la collection d'agnès b.’.

February 2020

Opening of La Fab., which brings together the agnès b. collection, the galerie du jour and the librairie du jour. For its opening, La Fab. presents an exhibition of the collection on the theme of boldness, curated by agnès b. and her long-standing team at "La Galerie du Jour".

Practical information

La Fab.

Jean-Michel Basquiat place, Paris 13

01 87 44 35 73

Tuesday to Saturday: 11am-7pm, Sunday: 2pm-7pm, last admission at 6pm

Metro : Bibliothèque François Mitterrand, Chevaleret or Quai de la Gare