Privacy and Cookies Policies


agnès b. uses different cookies and tracers on the Website, including third-party cookies, to measure audiences and integrate services that improve Website interactivity.

A "cookie" is a block of data, which tends to be small and identified by a name, that can be added to a User's browser by a website they visit. The web browser retains the cookie for a certain period and sends it back to the web server every time the User returns. Cookies have various purposes: they can be used to store login details for a retail site, the contents of an online cart or bag, information to trace a User's journey around a website for statistical or advertising purposes, etc.

Types of cookies used on the Website

Strictly necessary cookies: These are cookies strictly necessary for the Website to function. They allow the main Website features to be used.

The settings for these cookies cannot be changed as, without them, the User cannot use the Website in the normal way.

Audience measurement cookies: These cookies allow agnès b. to collect information about how the Website is used and performs in order to improve its functionality, attractiveness and content. Advertising cookies: These cookies are stored when a User browses the Website on which agnès b. advertises, and are used to show the User advertising or information relevant to their interests on the Website or elsewhere when they are browsing the internet.

Social media cookies: These cookies are generated by social media sharing buttons which allow Users to share Website content on social media.

Cookie settings

Internet browser settings can block or delete cookies left by websites visited.

For example, a browser can be set to alert the User to cookies stored on their device or to ask them if they want to accept cookies. The User can accept or refuse each individual cookie or refuse them all.

Changing browser settings

• Internet Explorer : delete-manage-cookies

• Firefox : ordinateur?redirectslug=Activer+et+d%C3%A9sactiver+les+cookies&redirectlocale=fr

• Opéra :

• Chrome :

• Safari :

• Microsoft Edge :