World AIDS day

1 december 2023

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The maison agnès b. has signed a partnership agreement with Fairly Made to offer its customer a greater transparency and traceability.

Highly committed to environmental protection, agnès b. aims to reduce the environmental impact of its activities.

To this end, it is committed to total traceability of its products, in full transparency to its customers. The aim of this approach is to identify as many players as possible in the production chain of our garments, in order to identify areas for improvement and take them into account in the design of future creations.

In addition, agnès b. has always maintained a close relationship with its manufacturers and direct suppliers, regarding them as true partners in the production process.

suppliers, treating them as genuine partners and promoting their know-how.

This approach is also a way of engaging and encouraging its entire value chain in environmental as well as social dynamics, so that they best respond to the values we hold dear.