©photo : agnès b. summer collection 2024 © Jean Sisombat 

Our motivation:

Environmental protection

Very committed to protecting the environment, agnès b. wants to reduce the environmental impact of its activities. To this end, it is committed to the full traceability of its products, in full transparency to its customers. The aim of this approach is to identify as many players as possible in the production chain of our garments, in order to identify areas for improvement and take them into account in the design of future creations.

In addition, agnès b. has always maintained close relationships with its manufacturers and direct suppliers, treating them as genuine partners and valuing their expertise. This approach is also a way of engaging and encouraging the whole of its value chain in environmental and social dynamics, so that they respond as well as possible to the values to which we are attached.

Full traceability for 100% of our clothing in the long term

Since January 2024, the following information has been made available to our customers:


The last three main stages of the product: making, weaving or knitting, dyeing and/or printing (regulatory obligation under the Agec law, applicable to agnès b. since 1 January 2024);

Value chain: to go even further, we will be displaying all the recorded stages of our garments. This will make it possible to communicate the total mileage covered by our products as accurately as possible (from raw material to sale).


The environmental impact of our clothing, with 3 key criteria highlighted:

- CO2 emissions produced

- Impact on freshwater eutrophication

- Consumption of non-renewable energy

Eutrophication is the imbalance in an aquatic environment caused by an increase in the concentration of nitrogen and phosphorus, resulting in excessive growth of plants and algae due to the high availability of nutrients. These indications will be available via a link from the product sheets in our e-boutique and via a QR code affixed to the label of clothing sold in our boutiques. They will initially be available for our iconic products, and will gradually be extended to 100% of the House's garments.

About Fairly Made

Fairly Made®️ is a French mission-driven, independent company set up in 2018 to improve the impact of the textile industry. Its mission is to advance brands' purchasing practices from an environmental and social perspective, through the analysis of their products and production chains.

The Fairly SaaS platform Made®️ centralises the data on suppliers and products collected by its engineers and evaluates garments according to 5 criteria: social, traceability, environmental, recyclability and sustainability. This 360° vision enables brands to understand the real impact of their collections with a view to improving them. The platform also generates QR codes and widgets that consumers can use for transparent communication.

About agnès b.

Founded in 1975, agnès b. is a family-run business that has been committed to responsible fashion from the outset.

agnès b. cares about its manufacturing processes and its impact on the planet, and is attentive to the bond of trust and loyalty established with its suppliers, and to the respect of its customers and employees. It is also a brand committed to solidarity, the environment and artistic expression.

agnès b. creates simple, elegant, high-quality clothes. The preservation of know-how, interculturality and the fact that clothes are made in France are values dear to the designer, who perpetuates them through her collections.