Agnès b. collaborates with Bishop

Agnès b. collaborates with Bishop
© Harmony Ferreira for agnès b.

Meet the Parisian artist Bishop on the occasion of his collaboration with the house.

How did you become Bishop?
I've always painted and drawn, quite instinctively and habitually. At the same time, I went to graphic arts school in Paris, where I took part in a collective with twelve friends I met there, called JeanSpezial. When we weren't having pantagruelian barbecues, we were painting on big walls, putting on exhibitions and being hyperactive. It was a merry melting pot. I like mixing techniques, textures and repetition. I collect a lot of materials that I use to compose my works, and for over ten years now, I've been a Bishop. 

How did you meet agnès b.?
More than 15 years ago, I loved going to the Galerie du Jour on rue Quincampoix, where there were a lot of street art exhibitions, so I always kind of followed what she was doing. When she opened the Fab, I went to several events. I know that Agnès often puts on exhibitions of her private collection, and since I know that it's often worth the detour to see some crazy pieces, I try to go when I can. Over the years, I've connected with people who work there, and then I've had the opportunity to show my work. I collaborated with the brand for the first time two years ago on an artist's T-shirt. Now it's taking on a whole new dimension.

How did you go about working on this collection?
You could say I'm pretty productive; I provided them with a heap of visuals and artwork I'd done, and they had fun with it. There are pieces for men, women and children. And because I wanted to go even further, to extend the experience for people, I created NFTs (unique digital works) where I bring each motif in the collection to life. It's an immersion that lets your imagination run wild. 

Discover the products of the collaboration.

Use the following QR code to access the NFT collection.


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