© Octave Pineau-Furet pour Agnès b.

They wear agnès b., they tell us about it.

Mélodie, 20, student. Rue du Jour, Paris.

What are you wearing?

A Sport b. down jacket that's about fifteen years old, it's warm and has a hood that you can hide in the collar. I wear a lot of black and this down jacket in winter is a no brainer! 

Is the cardigan one of your classics too?

Since I was a little girl, I've worn almost every color of snap cardigan. But this one is my favorite, in size 3, so it's a little wide. I've had it for 4/5 years.

And the jeans?

It's a pair of jeans from the men's collection that I've had for a long time, and that I wear very often.

Do you often draw from the men's wardrobe?

I do! The agnès b. wardrobe is quite mixed. Like the t-shirt, an artist's t-shirt designed by Gaspard Noé, which I bought a few months ago, it's my most recent piece. I really like it.