They wear agnès b., they tell us about it.

Hugues, 46, photographer and documentarist. Rue du Jour, Paris.

How often do you wear hoodies?
I think it accounts for 80% of my sweaters. Hoodies have had a central place in my wardrobe for almost 30 years. I'm riding a bike, and a bit chilly, so because of the collar, the hood, and even the belly pocket so I can stash my hands if I don't have a coat. And under my coats, which are often quite loose, and under my down jacket too, when it's really cold like this winter.

Why did you choose this one?
This agnès b. model spoke to me, the black-on-white logo, and then the soft fabric made me want to wrap in it. It's straight to the point, just the way I like it.