They wear agnès b., they tell us about it.

Jean, 27, art gallery salesman. Rue du Jour, Paris.

What are you wearing?
If I start at the bottom, I found this pair of sneakers a few months ago at the annual clearance sale.

Did you find anything else there?
I don't miss a single one, and I always come away with 2 or 3 pieces. These pants, for example, I bought at the sale just before Christmas, thinking they'd be chic and perfect for Christmas and New year's Eves. But I also wear them to work when I want to look a little older.

Do you often wear jackets?
I've been wearing jackets since high school, I like this look. I found this one at the same clearance sale as the pants, and I wear them together regularly.

And about the scarf?
My grandmother gave me this scarf a year ago, and she went to agnès b. without even asking me. She didn't know it would make me so happy. I have a real bond with the brand, and so like almost every day, it's agnès b. from head to toe!